Fitting a wall to wall carpet is not an easy job for everyone to take on. It can be a tedious and tasking job for both your back and knees. However, to install and fit a carpet isn’t that difficult. By using some specialised tools and grit to do the job, you can install a carpet on your own with our easy to follow guide.

1.Remove the Old Carpet

The first step to install the carpet perfectly is to get rid of the old one. Before taking it out, give it a good vacuuming to remove excessive dust and then make use of the knife to cut the carpet into a number of strips. Start at one end and roll up the carpet in sections.

2. Keep the Floor Clean and Dry

After rolling the old carpet and taking it out, check out the subfloor and fasten any loose floorboards, so it does not squeak under the new carpet. Keep the floor clean and dry. Install new tacks strips, if the construction is new

3. Carpet Underlay

Underlay provides a good cushioning beneath the carpet, thus making it more comfortable to walk on. It also helps to trap heat under the floor reducing energy bills significantly. Put the underlay in the room, with the rubber side facing down. Trim out the excessive underlay and seal it with the duct tape.

4. Laying the Carpet

Lay the carpet loosely inside the room. Start from one corner with a foot underneath the carpet and smooth it out with the other foot. Leave around 60-75 mm extra on each edge. You can cut out the excessive part vertically over the corners.

5. Fitting the Carpet

Begin fitting the carpet from the longest wall and work backward. Make use of a carpet tucker to provide a firm crease along the skirting board. Now cut along the edges with a sharp knife. Hold the carpet flat as you cut off the edges.

6. Use Carpet Stretcher

Now make use of the carpet stretcher and place it at 25mm from the skirting with teeth facing down. Firmly push the padded end with the knees, such that the carpet hooks onto the gripper on both sides of the corner.

7. Carpet across Doorway

Cut the carpet in such a way that it is in line with the flooring on the next room. Also make use of the door bar, so that the carpet edge is firmly in place beneath it.

Tools Required

1. Masking Tape
2. Hammer and Nail Gun
3. Gloves and Knee Pads
4. Pencil 8. Carpet Tape
5. Carpet Stretcher
6. Carpet Tucker
7. Vacuum Cleaner

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