Bonded Bead Wall Insulation

Make your home a better place to live with bonded bead cavity wall insulation from OCI Insulation.


What is Bonded Bead?
Bonded Bead insulation is a system of injecting external cavity walls with graphite polystyrene beads and a bonding agent. The beads and adhesive combine to form an insulating barrier which significantly reduces the amount of heat lost through the walls. It is a gravity-fill system and this makes it the ideal choice for:


  • Older homes with no existing cavity wall insulation at all
  • Newer homes with sufficiently large cavity space (at least 50mm) alongside existing board-type insulation

By installing Bonded Bead insulation, you will notice a significant and immediate increase in the warmth of your home, as your expensive heating will be retained. This means you start saving money on your heating bills immediately, and your house will be much more comfortable to live in.

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