Roof Insulation

A roof without proper insulation can account for a loss of more than 35% of heat generated in a home. As hot air rises, it will be lost through the gaps between the roof felt and tiles.

Slate Roof Insulation

Condensation is a major problem with roofs that are not properly insulated. Moisture builds up and drops down into the attic creating a damp environment, which causes a build up of mold and the structural beams to rot. Other sensitive items stored in your attic may also get damaged. Our NSAI certified spray foam insulation will solve all of these problems.
Open cell spray foam insulation is great because of its airflow properties and breathability. It allows for the easy flow of moisture from the attic out through the roof. This eliminates the problem of condensation.
Spray foam insulation is much better than some of the more traditional types of insulation like rock wool, fiberglass, cellulose, and polystyrene boards. Spray foam fills every gap in the roof preventing cold drafts, wind, and rain. It also acts as a sound barrier, silencing noise from outside.

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