Attic Insulation

Our Attic Insulation service will cut down heating bills and reduce the carbon footprint in a household.
The Benefits of Attic Spray Foam Insulation
The spray foam we use at OCI Insulation is one of the best materials in the industry for insulting attics. Its benefits are:
  • Spray foam fills all the gaps removing cold drafts, and rain getting into the attic.
  • Controls the temperature in the winter and summer.
  • Adds strength to the roof structure.
  • Improves air circulation in the home
  • Reduces heating bills.
  • Our spray foam is fire resistant.
  • Offers noise reduction from outside.
Synthesia Spray Foam For Attics
We use high quality Synthesia spray foam insulation for every attic. It is the best value insulation on the market. Our Synthesia foam helps reduce energy costs while also improving building comfort. The spray foam improves air quality while reducing dust and other exterior pollutants. 
Synthesia S-003 is a green product with a unique formula that contains no ozone-depleting chemicals, such as Microsoft CFCs, HCFCs, or fibres, formaldehyde and asbestos. There are no toxins emitted during the installation process. And since it never decomposes or deteriorates, there are no concerns about harmful fibres or gases escaping into the air in the future.

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